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(Well, if "meme" and "doom" are synonyms, the subject line makes sense.)

On Saturday, [ profile] zippysilver and I went for our first-ever plane flight with [ profile] countessofgroan piloting! It was too hazy to see the mountains, but there was still plenty to see on the ground. The marshes were my favorite part, but I also quite enjoyed seeing the horrifically ugly roofs of otherwise normal buildings. One building, in a particularly improbable shade of green, was so astonishing that it spurred this entire line of thought. I also picked out my future home on the trip. It's big, of course, and is located on a lovely large peninsular spit of land. [ profile] countessofgroan plans to use my yard for her own personal runway. With my permission, of course, but as I expect it will just induce her to visit my home frequently, I have no objection.

I might have promised to not mention any of my presents, but there is one whose excitement might be partly transferable to LJ. The Book Lover's Cookbook! With recipes for the Tea Cakes that Algernon of The Importance of Being Earnest dislikes so greatly (as well as "Consolation Bran Muffins", whose purpose I have less understanding of), Fried Green Tomatoes, and Turkish Delight. There are also recipes for tea, which leaves me simultaneously puzzled and desirous of immediately making some. Anyone for tea?

No, I'm not as real a cook as, say, the Roommate. If I was, I would probably be sneering at the gimmickry instead of desperately scanning the pages to see how many recipes are easy enough to look tempting.

It is now January 2nd, which signals the end of my vacation. As such, I am reviving the meme of a month ago, as gacked from [ profile] rymenhild. Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one/a lot of reasons why I like/love/adore you. Then post this in your LJ and share the love. Disclaimer: I don't promise to respond quickly, but I will respond.


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