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Can you make it stop? Please? I just want to stop shovelling out my car.

Let it stop snowing!

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Oddly enough, as kids, digging in the snow was fun. Ironic how that changes!

Re: Let it stop snowing!

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Would digging out my car be more fun, do you think, if I made a snowman with the excess snow?

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Ooh, ooh! I know! Send the snow to ME!

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Oh, and that is "ME" as in please mail a package of snow to my address, not please mail a package of snow to the state of Maine.

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Maine totally doesn't need any more snow, I'm sure.

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I think that is an entirely reasonable solution, and you are welcome to it. I never really enjoyed Chemistry, though, so I might need help figuring out how to package it.

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Days like this make me grateful that I'm moving to CA later this year. :)
Ugh. Time to start the long trudge with my heavy laptop to work...

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CA weather is way better. Good luck with the trudge back!