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No update for you!

Actually, it's more that there is little to update you on. My life is much the same; though I do now have an office again at work. This makes it easier to do therapy with people. It also means that the three years worth of collected Stuff For Work that I have, that was residing in my house, is now out of my house. YAY! The most important thing of the last three months or so is that I have finally consented to let myself use the awesome Bread and Badger octopus soap dispenser in my bathtub.

The woman behind Bread and Badger said that she was working on a steampunk design. I am all about that. As soon as that comes out, I'm getting a steampunk spice shaker and a moustached spice shaker. I will have So Much Fun pretending that scary steampunk things are coming out of the steampunk spice shaker. Like, um, victorian engine poison. I don't know, it seems cool in my head. Fortunately for my wallet, I think it'll be a while before she completes it.

Okay, Meme. Comment and I give you four fandoms. You repost and list your favorite character from each, with explanation. Just in case you are wondering whether or not you want to click, there will be no surprises here. Only not-surprises and rambling. [ profile] thistlerose gave me Harry Potter, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Dark is Rising.

Harry Potter: I have to choose between Remus and Sirius again? Remus is easier to justify: he's bookish, intelligent, wants to be a good person, a charismatic teacher, and a person of sense. Sirius, on the other hand, is an overly attractive near-genius who spent half of his life in jail because he was framed and also because he was a jerk.

From the distance of years of reading Sirius/Remus fanfic, and then years of not reading Sirius/Remus fanfic, it currently strikes me as easier to love Remus. Therefore, I prefer Sirius. At the moment. But mainly because I want to be difficult.

Star Trek: Leonard McCoy. He's a good friend, he's grumpy, he's loyal, he tells off anyone who he thinks is wrong (while paying some attention for appropriate time and place, unlike certain others I could mention), and he's really, really good at caring for people. He acts on his opinions. He's an actual adult. I couldn't possibly tell you what I mean by "He's an actual adult," but I vaguely feel that this is a rare situation in TV and Movie characters.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Jack Sparrow. I don't have much of an explanation for this, other than that he is Captain Jack Sparrow and brilliantly conceived and acted; and in fact, suspect that I would have a different answer if I saw the movies again or had thought about them more to begin with, just to have a more interesting answer.

Dark is Rising: Bran. As evidenced by my deep love for McCoy, I have a thing for characters who are difficult on the outside but full of strength and caring. (Hopefully [ profile] rymenhild will not kill me for reducing Bran's character to one sentence. He's more complicated than that! But that is why I like him best.) Bran is not, in fact, an actual adult, but given that he is supposed to be an adolescent at the time of the books, this does not bother me. He's an adolescent in wonderful and interesting ways.

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