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TV Show Meme

When I finish Anne Fadiman's At Large and At Small I will probably post quotes, but until then...

Have a meme!
Gacked from [ profile] ayelle

Post a list of seven TV shows you love (current or canceled).
Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each show.
When guessed, bold the line and write a little bit about why you like that character.

1. Red Dwarf Not that anyone is still looking, but [ profile] navelofwine has guessed, correctly, Cat. CAT IS SO COOL! Don't tell me I need to explain why he's the best?
2. Firefly I thought my favorite was someone else, but [ profile] navelofwine has reminded me, by her guess, that Saffron is super cool. I'm tired, and no one is going to look at this, so I will not elaborate further.
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Stargate Atlantis As guessed as possible by [ profile] dashieff, who said McKay. McKay is huge amounts of fun to watch, which is unexpected. I don't usually like the obnoxious characters at all, let alone this much. But he's great. Sheppard caught up with him partway through Season One, by dint of -- I don't know. Symmetrical features? Charisma? Sarcasm? Having an interesting friendship with McKay? Certainly the third. So they are jointly my favorite character.
5. Rome Marc Antony, guessed by [ profile] lynnoxford. I am predisposed to like Antony from 6th grade, when a guy I had a crush on played Antony in his class's performance of Julius Ceasar. But there's just something about Antony. I suspect this is the looks and charisma thing, actually, because now that I think about it more, I generally prefer Octavian on the actual show.
6. Homicide: Life on the Streets
7. Muppet Show [ profile] rymenhild informs me, quite correctly, that Rowlf is my favorite. I had forgotten. I thought Zoot was my favorite, for reasons I can't quite pin down (but then, Zoot is difficult to pin down in general). But, you know, Rowlf. I think it's his sense of humor.
8. Fraggle Rock. Belatedly guessed, after some prompting, by [ profile] rymenhild. Cotterpin Doozer! She's cool and rebellious and nerdy and passionate about what she decides she wants to do. And she makes up her own mind, and doesn't let silly things like convention or what other people think affect her. Mostly, anyway. I could be misremembering parts of episodes.
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2. Mal
7. Rowlf
8. Mokey

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2. Nope.
7. Oh! You're totally right, and yet I had forgotten about him. So you get extra points.
8. Also nope.

Huh. We don't have many shows in common.
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Well, I forgot about Zoot, so there.
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Also, I was wrong. Your favorite character from Fraggle Rock is obviously Uncle Travelling Matt.

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Closer. He's my second favorite.

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Also, you should totally get my favorite Fraggle Rock character. I thought it would be your first guess.

in case it isn't obvious

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(That was a hint. It wasn't me being obnoxious for no reason.)
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Re: in case it isn't obvious

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The Minstrel? Or Cotterpin Doozer?

Re: in case it isn't obvious

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The second.
(deleted comment)

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Heh. Nope. *restrains from making further comment*
(deleted comment)

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Of course!
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some shots in the dark

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1. Kochanski
2. Mal
3. Rory
8. Red, because she's the only character I really remember. :-P

Re: some shots in the dark

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Rory really irritates me, actually.

I feel mysterious all of a sudden, as no one is getting my characters. :(

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4. Elizabeth
8. Pa Gorg

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No and no. Though the Gorgs are pretty cool.

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Also, the Replicators for SG:A. I think they rock.

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Nope! But rymenhild and dashieff guessed those. (At least, dashieff almost guessed it. I cheated for SG:A, because I couldn't pick just one.)

I haven't seen much of the Replicators yet. I just finished Season 2, and I've only seen a handful of later episodes. (Am thoroughly spoiled for all situations, though.)

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1. Red Dwarf - Rimmer
2. Firefly - River
4. Stargate Atlantis - McKay

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No for one and two; and sort of yes for four, because I cheat on Stargate Atlantis. I've spent hours thinking about it, and I can't choose between McKay and Sheppard because they are entirely the reason I am watching the show.

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1. Cat (wild guess)
2. Saffron
3. No idea

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1. Yes! Of course Cat!
2. Huh. YOu know, I had thought my favorite was Simon (or at least Simon's and River's relationship), but you're right. Saffron is my favorite.
3. Nope.