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muchabstracted ([personal profile] muchabstracted) wrote2007-11-18 09:22 pm

More importantly:

Anyone know where I can get a dozen acorns by Tuesday morning?

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Find a local oak tree? I know they've hit my car with a terrific thwack at least once this fall...

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(For that matter, I have an acorn cap sitting on the bookshelf next to my bed, and I don't even know where it came from.)

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There's a whole bunch of oak trees right next to MIT's student center, if you can't find one closer to you. Little acorns, though, if you have a size requirement.

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Glad I was of assistance. :)
Might I ask what the 12 acorns are for?

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To make a turkey out of pine cones and acorns, at the afterschool program. :)

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... huh. So, how does one make a turkey out of pine cones and acorns?

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Like this:

I have been depending heavily on this site for ideas for arts and crafts.

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Mug some squirrels!

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See, at first I thought you were joking. Then I started trying to find 12 acorns, and had such a difficult time with it that I realized this was actually a very practical suggestion.

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I will synthesize some in the lab for you.

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As cool as synthesized acorns would be, I don't think I can make it up to Chicago and back by tomorrow at 9.