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I got my bank statement Thursday. This did not stop me from spending undisclosed amounts of money on myself today. The less expensive purchase was a CD by the Burnt Earth Ensemble, which is an instrumental, fusion-type group (Celtic, African, Middle Eastern, and jazz) that plays solely on clay instruments made by one of their members, Barry Hall. It's worth looking at the site, or the liner notes of my CD, to see the instruments. They have: globular horns, flowerpotophones, didjibodrans and -- my favorite -- conundrums. The instruments that I don't suspect were invented wholesale are also cool to see.

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Those look pretty neat... You'll have to play me some songs from the album sometime!

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Oh, that reminds me... Visit time is planned. Will send e-mail.

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Conundrums! :D That just makes my day.

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And they're pretty, too!

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That's entirely too awesome. I'll have to look for sound samples online. That's pretty weird that the same day, you and I were both listening to music from Clay :)

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...I don't know what to say.