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Game Help!

I need your help. I want to buy myself a game for my birthday... but, having gone to the Games Store nearby, I am having trouble figuring out what to get. I don't want a duplicate of the most common ones, ie:

Settlers of Catan (awesome as it is)
Apples to Apples

or Royalty or Mystery of the Abbey, as I already own those.

Any suggestions?
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Munchkin, or if other people have it already, one or more of the niftier expansion sets?

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Oh, you mentioned that before! I was trying to remember which game that was...

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Ticket to Ride is a good one -- can somewhat vary in complexity along with the players playing it. (i.e., as a total newb I was able to play with two much more practiced gamers and hold my own)

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Oh, I've never heard of that one, thank you. *rubs hands*

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Bananagrams! Like Scrabble, only more fun. M.
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Hmmm. And easier to pack, it seems.

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*nods* We got it from a friend for the holidays, and we've been playing ever since. It's a bit addictive. M.

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You can borrow it from the shul sometime, if you want to playtest first -- Vanessa got it somewhere (as a gift?) and found it unexciting enough to donate. :-} But she may just be not that into word/letter games.

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Munchkin is great, so that is definitely a fine suggestion, but I also LOVE Quiddler. It's sort of like if you combined Scrabble and Gin Rummy and is so much fun and awesome.

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Oooh! I've played that! My parents own it.

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Yeah, my parents own it, too, and it's popular with my family. I really really like it.

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Actually, for a rec-in-return, you should try Royalty. It's a word game, too, sort of like Quiddler, but with a twist or two.
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I recently played a fun and unusual game: Pandemic

This blog has a picture of the board and a good description of the game.

The fact that it is an intensely cooperative game distinguishes it from most of the board games I've played. I enjoyed it and I suspect you might, too.

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I can think of a few but first I think it's important to know: what is the most common number of players you expect to be playing with?

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3-6, probably...

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Betrayal at House on the Hill.